Hi again

I'm so happy to be back.

I would rather not sit here and make a bunch of excuses about why I essentially deserted this corner of the internet I created for myself, but if you're new just know that I use to blog, then I stopped and now I'm back! 

The past couple of years have been nuts (in a really good way) and it made sense for me to take a blogging break. While this little food blog is almost nothing compared to some of the others out there (YET), it's important to me and I didn't feel like I was in a place the past couple of years where I could put out content that I would be proud of. 

So what have I been doing?

Well. Last time you saw me I was in San Francisco and loving it. Then I was in NYC, also loving it. I adored both those cities, but the ONE thing I truly missed in each city (aside from, like, family and friends and stuff GEEZ) was MY OWN KITCHEN. Roommates are cool and all, but it's real hard to make a giant mess in the kitchen knowing others could walk in at any moment. Although, I will admit it helped me develop my own "clean as you go" system and basically nothing makes me feel like more of an adult.


I stopped blogging when I felt like I didn't have the resources (aka my own space) to really do it right. But guess what?! I HAVE MY OWN KITCHEN AGAIN!

(In Seattle.)

So you're probably like, "Stop it. Why can't you stay somewhere for more than two seconds?" and my answer is "I don't know. Let me live my life."

So here we are. Back to one girl in one kitchen making SO MUCH FOOD (P.S. If you live in Seattle, please come over for dinner. I feel slightly out of control here). 

While I can't promise things will be perfect and consistent here, I'm going to try my best. Come back for recipes, ramblings and all the virtual happy hours you could ever want.