Weekend reads

We made it through another week! Like usual, insane things happened but we're all surviving. Speaking of surviving, I decided 10:30 p.m. was the perfect time to make chocolate chip cookies and document on IG Stories last night. It's my version of self-care and I have no regrets.

Keep reading for some of my favorite stories I read this week!

If Sex and the City came out in 2017, Miranda would be the Protagonist

"The traits her character is frequently reviled for — cynicism, honesty, drive — are, in my opinion, the traits that make her character the most interesting. Miranda is the 2017 protagonist Sex and the City deserves."

So much love for this one. Sex and the City is one of those shows I watch over and over again, and as I get older I definitely realize we all needed to give Miranda a chance. It's fine if you want to be a Carrie, but maybe take a page out of the successful lawyer's book too?

The secret origin story of the iPhone

"These small details, which we now take for granted, were the product of exhaustive tinkering, of proof-of-concept experimenting. Like inertial scrolling, the wonky-sounding but now-universal effect that makes scrolling down your contact list feel satisfyingly tactile; the names fly by in a burst after you swipe down, then slow to a tick-tock as if bound by real-world physics."

Maybe it's because I've been working in tech for a while, but this story was fascinating to me. The intelligence! The DRAMA! The fact that a group of people pretty much changed the world with a tiny phone! SO GOOD.

Could the Amazon-Whole Foods union be what takes organic sales to the next level?

“What Whole Foods needs is innovation, and if you’re looking for where that brilliant visionary leadership is going to come from, it’s not going to be from within Whole Foods. But Amazon could be a huge booster shot of innovative leadership, and set Whole Foods on a path to adapt to the 21st century, which has been lacking.”

Full disclosure: I don't have a car but I'm always (obviously) in need of groceries. If I just need a few things I walk to a grocery store, but at least once a week place a pretty big order with Amazon Fresh. And honestly? IT'S INCREDIBLE. All of that was to say, I'm very interested to see where this whole deal goes. 

From Russia with blood

"British police declared the deaths of all nine men in Berezovsky’s circle non-suspicious, but BuzzFeed News can now reveal that MI6, Britain’s secret intelligence service, asked its US counterparts for information about each one of them “in the context of assassinations”

OMG. This is a long one but OH MY GOD THIS STORY.

If women talked more, the Senate and Uber might not be so messed up

But it’s worth asking whether the casually denigrating stereotypes should be reconsidered in a more positive light. In many cases, more talking and more emoting might not be so bad. The qualities being dismissed as excesses of femininity are the ones we need the most.

The news this week, like usual, was rough. By nature I can be pretty reserved, so I have to keep reading things like this to remind myself that it's important to speak out and stand my ground. TALK MORE, FRIENDS.

'Friends' costume designer looks back on 10 seasons of weddings

"My biggest goal on Friends was to create things and make looks that nobody had ever seen before. I didn’t want it to be about fashion, but rather clothes that looked amazing and that didn’t fit in to trends."

I've been binge watching Friends the past few weeks so this was fun to read! 

Facebook wants me to dress like 'The Handmaid's Tale'

"The urge to shop the look — the “that’s me” feeling — is a fierce audience identification that can come with watching emotionally fraught shows like The Handmaid’s Tale."

Speaking of TV, I've been meaning to watch The Handmaid's Tale but keep putting it off. This story was super interesting, but also made me even more concerned about watching? I just really need to watch this show, don't I?