Weekend reads

FRIDAY! If you're like me, your weekend plans include some prime lounging time (it should be a requirement, really). If you need something to read in between deep Instagram stalking and naps, below are a few of my favorite stories I read this week. Grab some coffee and settle in!

Wonder Woman and the importance of the female hero moment 

"As more and more women saw Jenkins’ movie this weekend, their reactions tended to fall into two categories. First, they liked it. Second, they felt empowered by it. Sure, many were just excited that after 75+ years there was finally a movie dedicated to their favorite hero, but the sentiments went deeper than “yay movie!”

Okay, technically I left the theatre feeling like a bag of garbage because WHOA THIS WOMAN IS FIERCE and I'm the type of person who has a breakdown over a lamp, but this movie really did blow me away. For someone who isn't thaaaaat into superhero movies to begin with, I never realized how much I actually need to see female superheroes. 

There's a wrong kind of popularity & it might be ruining your life

"It comes really natural to young kids to care about [the likable] kind of popularity; the other kind doesn’t really exist at all until adolescence. It's really interesting that there’s a type of popularity that’s inborn, and then a type we come to care about which comes online in those middle school and high school years, and then suddenly dominates our perception of the whole concept."

In a perfect world, being a good human would be enough. But we're not perfect and popularity still runs the world (young Mansee is not pleased).

Aziz Ansari is still searching

“It was all coming from a real place,” Mr. Ansari said. “If I’m talking about Islamophobia or something, I’m talking about my parents. It’s coming from a real place. I would rather have that burden than feel like I didn’t have anything to say.”

Has anybody watched Master of None?? I NEED MORE PEOPLE TO TALK TO ABOUT THIS SHOW PLEASE. 

My love for this spatula is borderline unhealthy

"...I sort of frantically got in touch with the photo team to ensure that I would get it back soon—I might have even used the phrase "I just wanted to keep track of my spatula that I love dearly."

I feel this so hard. Fun fact - I've lived in 6 different apartments in 4 different cities over the past 5 years, and I've never once packed my cookie scoop in a box. It ALWAYS goes in my suitcase so that I'm never without it. That thing is quite possibly the love of my life.

Phil Libin hasn't eaten since Sunday

"He has found it surprisingly easy to be around food, which is good because most business events seem to involve sitting down to a meal. He’ll order coffee, tea, or water and pass the dishes around without desire to partake. “It is a very pleasurable way to experience food without actually eating it,” he says."


A definitive ranking of the best movie makeovers

"One of the more enjoyable things about makeover montages is how irrelevant fiscal responsibility is in them. Do you know how much salon-level products cost? Sephora sells one-ounce jars of moisturizer for like $200. But in a makeover montage, that doesn’t matter — characters make it rain credit cards on store clerks and exit boutiques with 14 overstuffed bags of clothes."

Very important things. Excuse me while I go watch Clueless for the 49586th time.